No Loafers in Heaven: The Forgotten Legacy of Father Michael J. Byrne

Click on the following story to learn about the fascinating life of Rev. Michael J. Byrne, the dynamic priest of St. Ann’s Catholic Church from 1901 until his death in 1924. Michael J. Byrne Biography

Jennie Dugan’s Lafayette Connections

The Jennie Dugan story created a few curiosities, such as Rebecca Ball’s interest in the story, and the dedication to Mrs. James Spears. What were the women’s connections to young Jennie Dugan? A little sleuthing produced probable answers. Mrs. James Spears was the former Julia Crooks, a sister to Miranda Crooks Dugan, Jennie’s mother, andContinue reading “Jennie Dugan’s Lafayette Connections”

Jennie Dugan Tragedy of 1860 Put to Words by Rebecca Gordon Ball

The last words of Jennie L. Dugan were poignantly expressed in recently discovered poetry written by Rebecca Gordon Ball in the form of historic sheet music. The poetry was put to music by Composer Chandler Robbins and published by Oliver Ditson & Company after the death of Jennie Dugan in 1860. A copy of theContinue reading “Jennie Dugan Tragedy of 1860 Put to Words by Rebecca Gordon Ball”